Our solutions

We help to transform your byproducts and resources into high quality fertilizer for Agriculture. 
The resources come from different industries and sectors.

Biogas plants

Bio residues from anaerobic digesters from biogas plants

Aquaculture industry

Remaining feed residues and aquaculture discharges from RAS systems


Liquid or dried digestate from food and food processing industry


The abundant source of by-products from animal husbandry and production.


TerraMarine AS is an international consulting, trade and service company in the sustainability sector with combination of more than 30 years of experiences in resources management and fertilizer industry in Europe and Asia.

TerraMarine works with the Partners in transforming the resources into high quality fertilizers for agricultures and green markets. The final products are consumed in local areas and exported to countries and places of high demands of naturally organic fertilizers.

In TerraMarine, we believe in global collaboration as the best way to sustainable agricultures. Our work derive from local expertise from both supply and demand sides. We apply international standard solutions with professionalism, applied research and continuous innovation as the core values.

Our core clienteles include government enterprises (B2G) and industrial businesses (B2B) who owns organic and other resources and aim at developing full spectrum of circular economy. We consider the Clients as Partner due to the nature of long-term collaboration, potential co-investing cooperation and high level of transparency.

Mission And Vision

Our mission

Terra Marine helps to transform resources to valuable commodities which shall be continue its life cycle as fertilizer in agricultures and green markets

The company combines multidisciplinary expertise and know-how in the close partnership with business partners in finding sustainable solutions.

The company believes that global collaboration is the key to truly sustainability. Its working motto are focus on clear transparency, good work ethnics and continuous innovation.

Our vision

Terra Marine Group aim at nourishing the earth with better, safer and sustainable solutions. Deriving from one of the largest player in Norway, the company strive to become the largest organic fertilizer solutioneer in Europe, and one of the largest exporter of organic fertilizer to tropical agricultures.

Based on know-how on vast crossed sections and industries, the company has ability to develop different projects in many industrial and agricultural segments in wide spread territories.

The company do all of these by respecting the environment, the earth, and its human life. It takes good care of its people, respect the suppliers, and develop fruitful relationship with its partners.


The Terramarine background



Strict public regulations creates need for solutions within the waste sector. HØST becomes a solution provider for companies with organic waste



HØST becomes the leading company within its field. Several Joint ventures are established with public and private in Norway



Establishing business in Armenia, China and Vietnam​ Establish fertilizer production in co-operation with I.V.A.R​



HØST is sold to CAMBI ASA, one of the leading technology providers within the biogas sector​



The founders of HØST Ugland and Norgaard establish TERRAMARINE. Focus on organic fertilizer production and international trade

Terramarine AS Group Structure

Host Asia Company Limited

100% owned susidiary in Vietnam

Norminor AS

Joint venture with Shincon AS. Owns into Yunnan Sino-Norway Bioengeneering Company Ltd in China

Terramarine Asia Ltd

100% owned susidiary in Vietnam

Our partners

Our resources partners have unique business model and desire to excel its circular economy and zero-waste concept.



I.V.A.R. constructs and operates municipal facilities for water, waste water and general waste. The company in owned by the municipalities in the county of Rogaland, with a total population of approx. 320 000. I.VA.R.’s vision is to secure the region’s most competitive water, waste water and waste services.

I.V.A.R has invested in several treatment facilities to harvest high value by-products such as energy and recycled materials. Our partnership with I.V.A.R. dates back more than 15 years and together we achieved the first European high standard organic fertilizer production based on biogas bio-residues in 2010



HOFF Norske Potetindustrier is a Norwegian agricultural cooperative processing and distributing potatoes and potato products. The company is owned by 4,000 farmers and has plants in Inderøy (Sundnes Brenneri), GjøvikBrummundal and Klepp. The company processes one third of the potato produce in the country. The main products are frozen, fresh and canned potatoes, including french fries, potato flour and potato chips.

Our partnership with Hoff SA involves research to elevate the material into balanced liquid organic      fertilizer used for green agriculture production, enhancing the plants’ sustainable growth and development with better yield.



HD Danmark is an international landscape construction, trade and service company in the green area and has grown into Denmark’s largest and leading supplier of care and maintenance services for the forests, open areas, gardens, parks as well as open spaces in cities. The company has more than 150 years experiences in forest and landscape, 800 employees with 25 offices across Denmark and offices in Germany, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and the United Arab Emirates.

Terra Marine and HD Danmark are partnering to explore the potential of different bioresidues from biogass, food and feed production in Euope.



Fish farming industry in Norway has changed from being family owned production facilities to be larger and more industrialized facilities. Its technology has changed from type of “Flow Through” plants where water simply runs through the fish tanks, to plants including recycling of water with internal water treatment in order to reduce the water consumption, commonly known as RAS-technology (Recirculation Aquaculture Systems).

Terra Marine incorporates with fish farms, feed producer and transporter and fish sludges drying technology providers to provide the best economy and agronomic solution to collect, treat and produce premium fertilizer products. Our solution has been breakthroughs and set a performing standard in the industry.



IST has more than 30 years of experience in the field of applications with solar energy have been the reliable and substantiated base to realize projects with solar dryers – always following the objective to design ecologic and energy conserving projects.

IST with its worldwide regconized WendeWolf® process is highly suitable for organic resources drying and especially applicable in Terra Marine’s projects in Southern Hemisphere’s climate with favorable weather condition.

The two companies establish strategic partnership in deploying IST’s technology and Terramarine’s solution in selected countries in Asia.



The company produce and operate sludge facilities for fish farmers. The technology in the system is developed by internationally recognized companies in collaboration with Bioretur and is well proven worldwide. It provides a compact, reliable and fully automatic wastewater treatment plant that takes fish sludge from less than 0.1% to 90% dry matter in a continuous process, without the need for manual labour. In addition to the waste being storage stable, the systems are energy efficient and the discharge water is clean.

Terra Marine in partnership with Bioretur deliver complete solution for fish farm industry in handle fish sludges as materials for organic fertilizer production.



Fjell were established in 2000 and are based on more than 40 years of experience in high-end engineering and fabrication work from the process industry on and offshore. Fjell Technology Group is one of the leading suppliers of technology towards processing equipment for residual raw materials Fjell Technology deliver drying technology to recycle both sludge from aquaculture and municipal waste plants. The sludge is used as additives in fertiliser products.

Fjell Technology established the drying facility at the IVAR biogas plant in Stavanger that is producing out NOR products as a European pioneer project many years ago, and today several fish farms in Norway are using their drying technology. 



NIBIO is one of the largest research institutes in Norway with approximately 700 employees. The institute contribute to food security and safety, sustainable resource management, innovation and value creation through research and knowledge production.

Terra Marine is partnering with NIBIO in several international research projects.



Innovation Norway is a state-owned company and a national development bank. Innovation Norway is the Norwegian Government’s most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry. They support companies in developing their competitive advantage and to enhance innovation. 

Innovation Norway is an important supporter of Terramarine. We are always in close dialogues with the Norwegian Government Agency in scouting for new potential and possibilities in other emerging markets in Asia.



Norec is a Norwegian governmental body financing two-way mutual personnel exchange between companies and organisations in Norway and similar companies and organisations in the global South – that is countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Previous to 2018, the organisation was named FK Norway.

Terra Marine has built its current capacity using the exchange programs from NOREC where our people have been trained for cross countries and cultures experiences via the platform created by NOREC in Norway, China and Vietnam. We are prolonging the partnership with new projects in our incoming portfolio.



Nopef is a project fund managed by NEFCO since 2014 and financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The primary objective is to support the internationalisation of Nordic small and medium-sized (SMEs) and midcap companies outside the EU/Efta by offering grants for feasibility studies. Over the years, some 3000 projects have received financing from Nopef, resulting in more than 1,000 established businesses outside the Nordic countries.

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Dorset was founded in 1984, they develop and produce solutions for processing organic waste streams, air cleaning, electronic identification and animal housing.
The two companies establish strategic partnership in deploying Dorset’s technology and Terramarine’s solution in selected countries in Asia


Office in Norway

Office in Norway


Torleiv Næss Ugland


Torleiv Næss Ugland


Mr. Torleiv Ugland graduated from Norwegian University of Natural Sciences in the 1980s. He is one of the leading experts with rich experience in business development, branding and establishing manufacturing joint ventures; Specially experienced in organic material regeneration and conversion into consumer products in the green industry. He is one of the founders and CEOs of Høst AS, and now become Chairman of the Board in Terramarine AS

T: +47 957 08 478

E: torleiv@terramarine.no

Erik Norgaard


Erik Norgaard


Mr. Erik Norgaard graduates from Microbiology Department from Oslo University back in 1984. He is one of the top experts in the applied research in microbiology and waste handling inudstry in Norway. He cofounded Høst AS in the 90s, and now become the CEO of Terramarine AS.

T: +47 481 04 670

E: erik@terramarine.no 

Torgeir Lassen

                   Senior Project Manager

Torgeir Lassen

Senior Project Manager

Mr. Torgeir holds master’s degrees in both International Business and in Marine Resources & Aquaculture. He has extensive experience from both the fish farming and the fisheries and seafood industries. He is working with project management and business development in Terramarine AS, with special attention to by-products from the growing fish farming industry.

T: +47 975 35 999

E: torgeir@terramarine.no

Office in Vietnam

Office in Vietnam

173A Nguyen Van Troi Street, ward 11, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Le Thi Anh Huyen



Le Thi Anh Huyen


Ms. Huyen holds a Bachelor’s degree in foreign trade from University of Economics, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She is responsible for sourcing, logistics, sales and marketing support.

T: +84 937 304 289

E: huyen@terramarine.no


Hoang Van Huu

                  Technical Sales Manager

Hoang Van Huu

Technical Sales Manager

Mr. Huu graduated with Agronomy degree at Hue University and has sale professional in fertilizer and pesticide with +10 years of experience. He is now in charge of enterprise sale strategy as well as expanding the domestic market of Host Asia.

T: +84 947 759 875

E: huu@terramarine.no

Nguyen Thi Quynh Huong

Research & Development Executive

Nguyen Thi Quynh Huong

Research & Development Executive

Ms. Huong graduated with a master’s degree in Bio-nanotechnology from Gachon University, Korea with diverse experience in biochemistry, microbiology and genomics. She is responsible for conducting research, examining, and developing new products.

T: +84 939 531 545

E: huong@terramarine.no


Our Solutions

Biogas industry​

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Aquaculture industry​

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Food production and processing sectors​

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Feed industry​

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Fertilizer industry

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Our Mission

Go Green, Go Solar & Worldwind!

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