Job description

Position: Sales Manager (Vietnam market)

About the company

TerraMarine AS is an international consulting, trade and service company in the sustainability sector with combination of more than 30 years of experiences in resources management and fertilizer industry in Europe and Asia.

TerraMarine works with the Partners in transforming the resources into high quality fertilizers for agricultures and green markets. The final products are consumed in local areas and exported to countries and places of high demands of naturally organic fertilizers.

In TerraMarine, we believe in global collaboration as the best way to sustainable agricultures. Our work derive from local expertise from both supply and demand sides. We apply international standard solutions with professionalism, applied research and continuous innovation as the core values.

Our core clienteles include government enterprises (B2G) and industrial businesses (B2B) who owns organic and other resources and aim at developing full spectrum of circular economy. We consider the Clients as Partner due to the nature of long-term collaboration, potential co-investing cooperation and high level of transparency..

Sales operation in Vietnam

Terramarine AS own daughter companies located in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. The Asian office is set up to host our tropical climate R&D and business development activities. The team in Vietnam work directly with management team in Norway to develop a business plan for Terramarine As in Asia. The main market of Vietnam is prioritized for the first phase, while other potential international markets are long-term goals. The business involves new (Greenfield) projects development, including:

  • Projects from Denmark
  • Projects from Korea
  • Projects from Singapore
  • Projects (local) in Vietnam

In the further development of the Asian and especially the South East Asian market, we are looking for a dedicated person that can serve as sales manager that can lead and develop the sales activities in Vietnam. Understanding of fertilizer market, as well as business culture is the important factor of success.

The person will report directly to the CEO of TERRAMARINE AS. In the same way as the other managers in TERRAMARINE AS it is expected an ability to work independent and search for a good business development, with clear targets and tight communication with the CEO.


  • Bachelor or higher degree in agriculture, agronomy, or business.
  • Minimum 5 years in equivalent position in fertilizer industry
  • Must reside in Ho Chi Minh city, ability to travel intensively on the jobs.
  • Fluent English communication.
  • Passionate on sales and business development. A direct ‘hands-on’ approach to sales and management with a high level of communication skills
  • Highly energetic self-starter, able to think outside the box and work independently.
  • Comfortable with and excited to work in a fast-developing environment.
  • Passionate on environment technology and sustainable development


  • The Position’s responsibilities include but are not limited to:
  • Responsible on short-term and long-term sales strategy; organize and execute the sales activities for the assigned products and projects (monthly/quarterly/yearly)
  • Be responsible for the sales budget, sales performance (bottom-line net margin) and growth on revenue and growth of customer bases/channel according to the sales planning. Plan and execute necessary sales & marketing promotion activities to support sales operation.
  • Plan, recruit, train and develop necessary sales staffs to ensure sales activities.
  • Work on necessary fertilizer and business procedures to comply with the latest regulations.
  • Cooperate on route to market planning for new projects; take ownership of the new realized projects/products after business case evaluation phase.
  • Other tasks according to the business’ needs


As a Norwegian company with operation in Vietnam, Terra Marine AS aim at creating a culturally adapted working environment and a Nordic spirit in the local office.

We highlight work-life balance with flexible hours, international team spirits with delegated tasks responsibilities.

  • Competitive salary scheme
  • Flexible working hours, work-life balance system.
  • Public social and health insurance, pension and unemployment fully complied with local regulations.
  • Private extra healthcare insurance
  • Well-equipped workspace and equipment
  • Tailor training courses.
  • International team spirit.
  • Company outing events.